Exercise will help to keep muscles strong and improve flexibility and mobility. It will not stop PD’s progress but will improve your balance and will prevent joint stiffening. Exercises that stretch the limbs through the full range of motion are encouraged.

Check with your doctor for the following recommendations:

  • types of exercise best suited to you and those to avoid
  • intensity of the workout
  • duration of your workout

Keep in mind:

  • to warm-up before beginning to exercise routine and cool down at the end.
  • Exercise your facial muscles, jaw, and voice when possible: Sing or read aloud, exaggerating your lip movements. Make faces in the mirror. Chew food vigorously.
  • Try water exercise, such as water aerobics or swimming. These are often easier on the joints and require less balance.
  • Work out in a safe environment; avoid slippery floors, poor lighting, throw rugs, and other potential dangers.
  • If you have difficulty balancing, exercise within reach of a grab bar or rail. If you have trouble standing or getting up, try exercising in bed rather than on the floor or an exercise mat.
  • If you feel sick or you begin to hurt, stop.
  • other good activities are gardening, walking, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, tai chi.

CHECK YOUR COMMUNITY RESOURCES, there are many centers offering senior programs for free or at reasonable prices.

MANY VIDEOS AND BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE as well, just type “exercise for parkinson’s disease” and click on the “video” or “images” tabs.

The following has been recommended by Sarah Stegall from our Support Group:
Parkinson’s Disease & the Art of Moving  by John Argue (6 mn video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL_LZgAEsnM)

http://www.magnetrainer.com/ ($149.00 on Amazon.com)



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